Tokenization and Security Token


Tokenized securities allow Investors to invest in traditional and digital assets using the benefits created by the blockchain technology, self-custodize the investment solution with the safety belt of a BaFin-registered Crypto Registrar or a Crypto Custodian. With e-Sec we have launched a dedicated crypto security registrar providing tokenization and registry services, combining Financial Engineering, Legal Tech and IT know how with appropriate licenses.

Why Germany:

  • Germany is a key market of investors into structured products and private market assets
  • Regulatory pre-defined best practice to tokenize assets
  • Official list of crypto securities maintained by the German regulator BaFin
  • Possibility of corrections/recovery of the blockchain register in case of corruption or loss through a regulated entity (the crypto registrar)
  • Supervision of the actions done by the crypto registrar and its business operations

What is the difference? Securitization versus Tokenization

We believe that Tokenization is Securitization. It is all about making a bundle of assets assesible for investors. Chartered Investment is market leader in securiting assets through ist brand Opus. Already back in 2018 Opus has issued the first certificate utilizing the blockchain. Since than we streamlined our processes to allow a fully digital issuance process.

Our Services
e-Sec provides advantages for issuers by creating scalable integrated issuance solutions and by linking communication structures for complex transactions on Ethereum. This may concern both the integration of monitoring points and computation parameters. Customized products require a mix of legal, structuring and IT expertise to take full advantage of security token. We combine this expertise with efficient, in-house IT and, either stand alone or if required, on a scalable multi-compartment setup.