AMC 2.0



Through our regulated Benchmark Administrator LIXX Innovations and the OPUS securitization vehicle, Chartered Investment offers the most efficient setup for investment managers to turn investment ideas into exchange-listed/traded products (RTPs) without using the somewhat antiquated Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) setup.

In their original form, going back to 2002, Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) were securitized portfolios that were dynamically adjusted at the discretion of an investment manager. This intuitive approach allowed AMCs to become quickly popular among asset managers and most major Swiss banks started issuing them.

This setup has some drawdowns and lacks some flexibility in terms of product lifecycle as well as distribution outside of Switzerland, whereas Trackers, ETFs or ETPs on indices were widely used.

The alternative was to remove the active management from the certificate and to integrate it into an active Index.

This adaptation led to an even faster growth in Assets under Management. By End of 2021, the global Tracker on Active Indices / AMC market is estimated to have exceeded $1 trillion in notional.

We’ve created LIXX Innovations because for Chartered Investment, it was very important to have a very robust setup for actively managed indices.

Key Features of our "Actively managed indices"

  • Turn an idea into an investable index fast
  • The active index can be licensed to other potential investors or distributors
  • Easier lifecycle management: the allocation takes place on the index level, no need to update the terms and conditions of the certificate
  • An independent Index Calculator, LIXX Innovations, calculates the value of the Index and thus provides a reliable valuation of the tracker certificate and an audited track record
  • The Active Index can be implemented on different platforms (e.g. our Instifolio platform or Brokers like Interactive Brokers, SAXO, etc.), allowing an optimal setup for the investment manager and the safeguarding of the intellectual property of themethodology.