Private Market Securitization


Private market securitization plays an important role in expanding investment opportunities, enhancing liquidity, and facilitating the transfer of privately held assets in a structured and regulated manner.

Private market securitization with a Luxembourg SPV refers to the process of creating securities using privately held assets. It involves pooling together a group of illiquid or non-tradable assets, such as private equity investments or alternative assets, and issuing securities that represent fractional ownership in these underlying assets.

Unlike traditional securitization, which typically involves publicly traded assets or loans, private market securitization deals with assets that are not readily marketable or traded on public exchanges. The securities created through private market securitization are often offered to institutional investors or qualified high-net-worth individuals who have the capacity and risk appetite to invest in illiquid assets.

Private market securitization can provide various benefits, including diversification, access to alternative investments, and potential liquidity for investors who are otherwise restricted in investing directly in these asset classes. It allows asset owners to unlock value from their illiquid holdings by converting them into tradable securities, thus potentially increasing marketability and attracting a broader range of investors.

However, it's important to note that private market securitization involves complex structuring, due diligence, and regulatory considerations. It requires expertise in assessing the underlying assets, structuring the securities, and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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  • Luxembourg has a law explicitly for securitization since 2004 and updates it regularly last update 2022
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