Access to European Investors


Access to the European market is regulated and it’s getting more difficult for European investors to buy into offshore Fund vehicles (Caymans, etc.). A Repack of the offshore structure into a European onshore instrument can be one way to allow European investors to get access to interesting offshore ideas. The products can be traded easily OTC or via the Exchange.

The SPV is the perfect structure to be set up as a repack vehicle

  • The most important advantage of a repack is the consolidation of various investments from different jurisdictions into a single one, usually for regulatory reasons. This allows for significant reductions in terms of operating and trading costs.
  • Its short set-up timeframe enables the manager to start their activities quickly (2 Weeks)
  • Low set-up and running costs
  • Unlimited number of classes of shares
  • No limitation in the type of underlying fund
  • Unlimited number of investors
  • No complicated subscription processes for your clients
  • Access via the trading desk of your bank (ISIN + Clearable)